video production company in hyderabad

Our main objective as a video production company in Hyderabad is to create video content that aligns with our client’s business goals with our artistic vision and technical expertise, transforming fragments of imagination into execution.

We aim to create stories that reflect what your audience is expecting to meet their needs in a new and compelling way.

video production company in Hyderabad

Regardless of how big or small, your business is, whether you are an emerging start-up company or an established brand. We are here to narrate your story and boost your engagement and presence with the power of videos. In short, we can be your extended marketing team that tells your brand’s story in the form of videos. 

What do we do?

We create impactful videos in order to achieve real business results. We are capable of creating corporate videos, social impact films, Product/Brand marketing videos, 3D animation, and social media promos through and through.

Why choose us?

Besides TV commercials, The internet has opened various marketing approaches. We believe that a video ad should be able to create buzz, and demand, build brand awareness and generate leads. To make all of this happen; it is important to make each second count in a video to leave an impact.

With 6+years of experience, we come up with strategies to create targeted video content that drives sales.

Creative & Flexible

We can produce creative content be it videos, images, infographics etc. We conduct extensive research to understand our client’s business motives and come up with compelling stories to connect your target audience with your brand. We rapidly adapt to whatever situation is demanding. With 6+ years of experience as a video production company in Hyderabad, if you choose us as your video production partner, we can show that no shot is too hard, no place is too far to travel to or no idea is too grand to materialize.

meaningful strategy

We dig deep into customer profiles and identify the right tone and right moments to connect with your targeted customers in meaningful ways.

We consider the breakthrough moments that drive people to take immediate action and lead them through the marketing funnel.


Since each video tells a different story, creating content across a wide range of genres from corporate, brand/product/service explainer, and marketing videos for social media, we are capable of creating versatile content to give the best-performing videos for each project.

Our Services Include

Promoting Product Videos

B2B businesses often use videos to demonstrate how to benefit the most from promoting their products/services. Similarly, consumer products share videos for the customers to refer to easily on social media. With Hashtags as your video production company, you can effectively respond to user questions even before they have them.

Product videos showcase the fundamental attributes of your product. These days brands/businesses have also begun using user-generated content such as unboxing, review, how-to-use or educational videos. At Hashtags agency, we create skillfully executed, exhilarating videos that help your business grow.

Launch Video

Are you planning to launch your brand or update your new product range soon? Use video to help you gain an easy head start and create a buzz among social media users. Consequently, you will have an audience rooting for your business when you launch!!

Talking Head/Explainer Videos

Give a face to your brand/Business, it could be someone from your own team, for example, chief executives or an influencer or professional actor. It is one of the most tried and tested formulas by many businesses/brands. Not just that, it makes your company seem well-versed, accessible, and trustworthy among your target audience. 

Our Process Includes:

Early Discussion and Research

Firstly, we understand your market sector and business goals. We conduct thorough research on your target audience requirements and expectation after competitor analysis. We then find out the key elements to highlight your business product/services and determine the project requirements.


Based on our former research, we come up with creative ideas. We then put forth these ideas to you with our video plan.


Once you pick the idea, we can develop the script as per your suggestions and requirements, create storyboards & determine the look and feel for video resources and plan the shoot right away.


We execute the video shoot as per the production schedule. From hunting locations to filming equipment is managed by our team.

Post-Production, Review, and Delivery

We start editing the video once the footage is ready to form a close-knitted video with a voiceover. We ensure to share this rough cut with your business executives via email.

You can review the rough cut along with your team & provide feedback. Once we receive the approval that the video matches your vision, we will deliver the final complete video.

How much involvement do you require from our side?

Collaboration is a basic principle when it comes to producing a good quality ad video. Initially, we will ask you a few questions regarding video requirements. After that, we require your suggestions at different feedback stages.

We want you to trust our creative abilities for your project and be assured that your suggestions will be integrated throughout the project. We will approach and involve you when necessary. 

We have 6+ years of experience in digital marketing, our goal is to successfully deliver challenging projects in different genres, for businesses of all sizes.

Let us be the storytellers, and be a part of your brand’s journey from conceptualization to pictorial elements. Schedule a call with us at +91 996655 5859 or get in touch with us.

Regardless of what the prerequisites are of a project, the video production process can be done mainly in three stages 

  • Pre-production: In the initial stage we will learn about your business and understand what you are expecting from the video. We run a small questionnaire to have a better understanding of your business goals. We may ask you questions like Who is your target audience? What social media platforms do you want to publish the video on? What messages do you want to convey? From then on we will come up with a detailed script, confirm budgets/costs and arrange shooting dates with you.
  • Production: also known as ‘filming’. This is the most important part when it comes to video production. Our team will make sure to capture all the required footage – such as product demonstrations, interviews, or event footage. We may film at your premises such as your office space etc or you can suggest a location that is relevant to the video message. If you do not have a location in mind we will come up with a filming spot relevant to your video. 
  • Post-production: Once we have captured the footage we will work on editing and framing the footage into an articulate story. We will also add appropriate graphics, titles, and music. We will mail you a draft of the end product before publishing it live on any platform so you can review it and give us feedback before finalizing everything.

Initially, we will arrange a one-on-one meeting or ask you a few questions to help us understand the project requirements. From then on you can involve as much or as little as you want in the scripting, filming and editing. Nevertheless, you will be informed at every step of the process by our team.

Although there’s no formula on what makes video content go ‘viral’. What we can promise is that we can make your video reach the widest possible audience. 

Yes, we are capable and well-informed when it comes to interactive video content. This will create more buzz around your business/brand/ products as it involves the viewers to determine the final outcome of the storyline. If anything we are more than happy to advise you on what strategies your business can benefit the most from. 

The duration of video production depends on several factors. At times, accessing specific locations to casting may affect your timeline. In a different circumstance, creating special effects, specific editorial sequences will dictate timelines. If the video production involves filming in exotic places, traveling becomes another factor. There is no ideal timeline as each project have different requirements. By whatever means, we would like you to allow anywhere between 6-8 weeks to complete a video project. This gives us enough time for casting better people and getting better resources. 

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