Let’s Grow Your Business Using Our PPC Service.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing is a smooth and effective advertising method that can boost your business’s/brands digital marketing strategies.

Businesses can expect an increase in leads, a better conversion rate, and maximum revenue and ROI are the significant benefits of our Advanced PPC services.

PPC Services in Hyderabad
PPC Companies in Hyderabad

When it comes to PPC services, our approach is completely data-driven where we optimize your business/brand connection with your consumer base by creating exclusive and valuable opportunities. Here is how our PPC services can be helpful to your business/brand:

Brand Visibility and awareness

With PPC services, you can display your advertisements and content to your target audience and make them familiar with your brand /business. In short, you can increase brand visibility and measure brand awareness through social engagement, surveys, and direct traffic across various channels and platforms. This way you can boost your businesses/brands with a high conversion rate.

simple to Start

You can easily run an ad campaign with PPC marketing as it is one of the fastest ways to grow your business online. Even if your business is relatively new, your business can easily grow way ahead of your competitors with paid search marketing if implemented correctly. All you need to do is create and run your ad campaign with the help of our PPC services in Hyderabad and across the globe.

A/B testing 

Before you set up any PPC ad campaign, it is better to test which one performs the best. A/B split testing for PPC ads is a must to determine the best result. It is better to create and experiment with PPC ad campaigns to get valuable feedback and keep the customers excited. This can result positively in boosting the conversion rates. 


Businesses/brands can expect immediate results with our PPC services. With paid search campaigns, it is easy to Drive your target audience along with organic traffic to your website almost instantly. PPC marketing, if executed correctly, can drive possible customers to your website and deliver consistent long-term results from the beginning. 

Types Of PPC Ads

Our PPC Services Includes

Account Setup

To begin your PPC campaigns, the first step would be to set up your account on Google Adwords.

Page Setup

To improve your conversion rates, we test the landing pages of our client’s business/brand by setting up engaging, convenient and user-friendly designs.

Paid Search Ads

Hashtags can help in ranking your brand higher than your competitors by improving your CTRs, impression shares and your ROI.

Display Ads

Boost your reach remarkably with Hashtags display advertising services. We make sure to display these ads on google and other partner sites to reach people who have shown interest in your business/brand or industry or domain.


Improve your chances of reaching and getting an increase in ROI from customers who have previously visited your website. we encourage these visitors to become paying customers by creating highly customer-targeted ads to generate visible results in ROI.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Since everything has now become digital, social media ads are capable to reach a massive number of people across various platforms. At hashtag, we ensure that your business/brand ads reach the ideal customers by employing deep filters based on their interests, networks, recommendations etc.  

Google Shopping Ads

If you are an online business that sells products and services then you can benefit the most from google shopping ads. These ads appear above or beside the search results as they are paid ads. This not only helps users to view all the relevant details about the products but also increases the chances of converting these users into buyers. To boost your sales, we create attention-grabbing ads for the users with buyer intent.

Local Service Ads

Hashtags can help your business/brand improve better local reach by gaining more visibility from the target audience to have better chances of conversion. Local service ads if utilized properly can result in all things good for your PPC campaign.

Creating Targeted Campaigns

We pick the keywords for your business after extensive research so you can benefit from them in the form of conversions. This includes creating unique ad campaigns, a well-optimized landing page, A/B testing of content, call-to-action buttons and multiple ad formats to ensure higher conversions and increase your online revenue.

Optimizing Existing PPC Campaigns

We believe in constantly optimizing the PPC campaigns to achieve better ROI. For this, we make sure to run multiple A/B testing of content on PPC ad formats to get better conversions. 

Reporting PPC Performance

You will be regularly updated on the performance of your PPC ad campaign. So there is always room for improvement

Why choose Hashtag as your pPC agency in hyderabad?

As one of the top Quality PPC service providers based in Hyderabad, India, our main goal is to increase our client’s revenue and ROI using our best PPC strategies. Below we have listed some of the fundamental strengths that help us achieve high-quality results consistently.

We increase your ROI

We aim to constantly enhance our client’s ROI. For this, we regularly improve our client’s brand performances by generating more leads which lead to an increase in their revenue.  

Targeting Relevant Audience

Any business or brand needs to attract the correct audience which can become possible customers to improve the ROI. At Hashtag, we only target the appropriate audience to get high-quality leads and also optimize our client’s budget.  

Consistent Reporting

We at Hashtag, make sure that our clients are updated regularly about the latest performance reports. These reports help us in taking the next step to increase the performance and results over time.